Whether you need to count up or down to an event, Time Manager is up to the task -- and more. This handy 32-bit utility lets you choose from a host of options and offers a plethora of features! If you select the timer function, six things can happen when the display reaches 00:00:00:. Time Manager can play a sound, pop up a customizable dialog box, launch a program, shut down your PC, restart your computer, or even launch a dial-up networking connection! The timer can also be set to automatically repeat. Plus, the properties of the time display (background color and text size/font/color) can be easily adjusted. A program no serious computer user should be without. Best of all, it's FREE!

Stopwatch Screen Shot

Timer Screen Shot

Not pictured here is the handy system tray icon that you can use to quickly access either of these. You can download Time Manager by going to our Download Page

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